2014-01-31 14.12.08

The 5th Network Meeting of ADU_2020 was held at the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain, between the 27th and 31st of January. 35 academics from 17 partner countries participated, as well as the teachers from the University of Seville.


The main objective of this meeting was to make progress on the work conducted by the 5 Workteams in charge. Each group worked on a specific ADU aim: new professional areas/fields; global and local competences; creative design and transdiciplinary thinking; new educational strategies; and development of the educational curriculum.


The idea was to standardize and analyze the collected data from all the different activities held during the past years 2012 and 2013 (from workshops, pilot projects, conferences, etc.). This, in order to generate new material and content for future publications of the project.


An important item that was defined was the structure of the final publication. Which will consist in a set of 9 books, which together will form one big book, but at the same time it may be studied individually. The 9 books will be separated as follows:

Book 1: Thoughts about education in ADU

Books 2 to 7: Themed books: each focused on one of the themes worked during the project: social housing; urban growth and sprawl; heritage and local identity; community buildings; public space; and emergent systems.

Book 8: Tools for education in ADU

Book 9: Gathers up the most important contents of the conferences that were held throughout the program.


A team of editors for each book was selected and will wait for the written material in order to develop it during the next Network Meeting that will take place in Panama in April 2014.