Global and Local Competences

Specific Objective: To define the regional specific competences for the different programmes in Arquitecture, Design and Urbanism towards the new millenium. What are the local institutions doing to prepare the future ADU professionals to face our reality?


If education is the social process of transmission and appropriation of culture –understood in the broadest of its anthropological sense, as the product of the experience and human creation-, the education’s professionals of today must understand the spiritual, scientific and technological development achieved in order to successfully perform their role of social mediators in complex and changing conditions.

Hence, the challenge of the professional formation leads to reevaluate our understanding regarding the profile and the professional competences required. So, that the principal processes within universities (education-research-extension) are manage correctly in accordance to the formation and development of the professional competences, in relation to the scientific-technical and sociocultural development of our times, and their reflections in our current development as nations, in the profession and in the human being.

In each situation, the identification of the required competences and the analysis of their nature will permit the correct focus and articulation of the trans-disciplinary participants in each action.