Network Meeting 7

Network Meeting 7 was held between September 8th to 12th at Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Arte, Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay. All partner countries, except Greece, were present : 32 invited academics, plus five local academics from the host partner and also three ADU_2020 assistants attended the meeting. The objective was to work on ADU_2020 publications. Also the group discussed the Memory of Understanding, future sustainability actions and final activity in Chile.

The MoU, Memory of Understanding, is an agreement between all institutions. The idea is to go beyond the ADU_2020 project and declare that we will dedicate effort to keep working together. All parties agree to dedicate efforts to give information on, and share the outcomes of the ADU_2020 project with own academic authorities of their university, educational authorities of their country and other HEI’s in the own country, region and their network.

Future sustainability actions are represented by the ADU XFIELD, which was presented in the NM4 in Sweden, 2013 in six keywords. In NM7 a few ideas were proposed in the framework of those six keywords:

(1) Base: Shared Research // Shared authorships: like Joint Papers or Joint Research Projects.
(2) Testing: continuity of PPP/WS // No additional founds are needed for studios or testing platforms since we could do parallel studios or joint/itinerant workshops.
(3) Share: Events & Itineraries // Exhibition, talks, visits and travels could happen to share
(4) Expand: Extra conference // The first step to Dissemination, Continuity and Expansion would be in LA, Chile 2015: Urban Manifests: Change Your City, Itinerant Hands On Workshop.
(5) Output: Publication // We could develop an extra online publication with a flexible and open format like E publication for Voices/ Echoes/ Manifests.
(6) Afford: Fundraising. // Sponsorship and Financing program according to regional conditions: MoU’s, writing proposals for grants/scholarships.


The last activity in Chile, on the 3rd week of January 2015, is proposed to be a series of Urban Manifests to Change our Cities, an Itinerant Hands-on Workshop. The idea is to get out of the comfort zone and the theoretical proposals, think out of the box and be personally involved in situ with non-stakeholders in a creation of an urban manifest called “change your city”. We don’t want a diagnosis or a proposal to build what the people know, but actually what they do not know but actually aspire, need or would like. The intention is to use, to implement what we have being thinking in ADU_2020 project, such as the attributes of the future ADU professional. On the last day of the activity manifests and books will be launched in a final conference in Santiago.

We will work in 6 teams in the framework of CEDEUS (, Center for Sustainable Urban Development, in six different Chilean cities: Copiapó, La Serena/Coquimbo, Santiago, Temuco, Concepción and Valdivia. The idea is that each city brings its own specificities to be recalled in the 6 urban manifests: working on teams formed by six ADU partners, two guests, one local, one ADU assistant and probably a few architectural student (working as partners with academics).